Tinagtag made from grounded rice then cook in oil.Tinagtag came from the root word “Tagtag” which means tapping. The procedure of cooking implies its name where it needs a great patience to produce such a yummy food . It is made up of ground rice and sugar with a little water added which produce a thick mixture placed over a coconut shell drilled with small holes and fixed to a wooden stick bind with a rope and tied to a pole. The mixture filter on a pan of boiling oil as the cook taps the stick while making a circling motion that results to a round form of crosscut brown strips when fried totally. And the appetizing Tinagtag is ready to prepare.

So, the delightful native delicacy is now on your table, what’s next? Like the common Filipino proverbs “Kung may pambara, may panulak dapat (If there is solid food, there should be a drink)” Oops, have a little patience, Tinagtag is best with our favorite beverage, coffee! It’s very delightful combination!

Don’t starve yourself by just reading it, why not try some? Have some visit and bring home with you the enticing taste of Tinagtag and your family will surely love it! Prepare it for them with full love to say “Tinagtag for you!”




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